This started as a tweet, but I ran out of characters. It’s a blog post now. I’m writing it in bed on my phone, whilst reading Jonathan Franzen’s “the Corrections” and listening to Bruce Springsteen’s “darkness on the edge of town”. Nothing particularly unusual about any of that except that when I went to bed I had nothing to read and was bored of my current tunes – now I have one of the books of the year and am listening to the album described in the documentary I just watched – 3 months ago this would have been very difficult. 3 years ago it would’ve been impossible.

I’m utterly spoiled. I haven’t got a huge laptop weighing me down, heating up my legs and lighting up my room – I’m doing all this on my “phone”. And not in a geeky way either (I’ve done geeky – I used to read eBooks on a palm pilot while listening to an iPod) – this is the most normal thing imaginable by comparison…

Tonight this cost me money (well, the book did, the boss is courtesy of Spotify) – but earlier on I signed up to “overdrive” – a service offered by my (and probably your) library – I can browse their catalog (of eBooks, audio, video and audiobooks) and download it directly to my phone to read/watch/listen to for free (once my library card arrives).

I’m not writing a paean of praise to my iPhone – pretty much any smartphone will let you do this stuff (I could of course be watching a movie if I wanted) – no, it’s the delivery mechanism which stopped me dead – it was completely natural and normal for me to quickly browse, buy and consume the content I wanted. More weird, it didn’t seem at all “amazing” or “modern” until I stopped to realise what I’d just done – I’m a keen book reader and listen to roughly 3-4 hours of music a day, yet I haven’t been in a record shop or bookstore in YEARS.

More noticeable probably is that I haven’t been to a book or music website (I mean amazon or play.com) in ages either…

The future appears to have happened in my pocket without my realising.

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