Apprentice Week 2 “Beach Product”

I couldn’t help redesigning the “book eezee” or whatever the hell it was Joanna was so keen on in my head as it was presented – why on earth didn’t they use tent poles? or a three legged aluminium tripod joined at the top with a simple key-ring type split ring and with fabric panels attached to stack your book in.
Joanna was presented by the other girls as having “railroaded” them into this choice – which was a bit unfair – she’s the only one who actually came up with anything – the problem is by the time they’d agreed to it, there was only 10 minutes left to design it…

there you go Lord Sugar / Boots - you can have that one for free

We lost Raleigh to a family crisis – unfortunately – as he’d only had a chance to show himself to be a “thoroughly nice bloke”, rather than the cock I truly knew him to be – I’m having difficulty establishing exactly who (if any of the blokes) will take on the “cock” mantle – if anybody deserves it it seems to be Stella, token bloke this week, who out-manned the lot of ’em.
Joy was fired – truly deservedly – she did bugger all.

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