OK – after a nutso week or so working flat out on two projects, catching a nasty cold and developing a rather worrying pain in my jaw, I have some new stuff to bolt onto my bike!

Got me a new battery – which arrived suprisingly quickly, surprisingly cheaply and looks surprisingly good – I had been worried about the supplier after following a thread devoted to him on endless-sphere, but he really seems to have come good this time – £93 for a 36v 10ah LiFePO4 battery with, waht seems at first sight like a much better BMS seems like a pretty good deal to me…

New battery - with better BMS

New battery - with better BMS

Also bought a buch of anderson connectors, some big fat wire and a sheet of steel which I’m going to turn into a manly box to hide it all in.

The amped bikes torque arm also showed up (although I was expecting two?) – it looks like a fairly seriouos piece o’ kit

On the blower to Geoff at team hybrid and Justin at ebikes.ca now to try and get the new controller and cycle analyst over to complete the package

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