Well worth the wait

The first thing I did when I knew I was getting an iPad was order the Miniot cover for it. I’d seen photos and knew that clever though the smart cover was, it lacked the sheer class of this thing…

Classy cover

However, it seems I wasn’t alone, and the sheer level of orders swamped the small Dutch company, to the effect that despite ordering via their eBay shop and paying them I got no confirmation, no shipping date, nothing for 3-4 days – by which time I was getting bothered.
I shouldn’t have. The small team battled production delays and their groaning order book by putting together an “in progress” page, showing where they were up to with orders (https://www.miniot.com/webshop/?portlet=miniot&page=orderstatus), kept me up to date with regular emails, but most importantly, shipped a pretty fabulous product…
It just arrived and I have to say I’m about as impressed as I could be with some strips of wood glued to a piece of velvety cloth with magnets in…
With the cover on my iPad now seems complete… The profile of the cover is such a perfect match for the device.

Sits comfortably, doesn\’t it?

Miniot offered a free engraving option with all early orders, and well, I had to get something on there… Once I’d sent it off, I worried that the quality of the engraving might ruin the finish of the cover (or that the engraver might have trouble interpreting the bitmap I sent), but I need it the cover so I can keep the iPad clean, since keeping everything clean is kind of an obsession of me, I even get the best vacuum from the shop vac site online.

Carving a lovely job – shame about the image

Not having fitted a cover to the iPad before, I struggled at first seeing how to put it together, whilst it does attach any which way, there’s a right way and a wrong way when it comes to using it as a stand…

That\’s a good angle

the “one way upness” suggested by the design of the cover comes in handy here as the left side of the cover attaches to the “left side” of the iPad (ie With the device held portrait with the home button at the bottom). The groove in the cover holding the device surprisingly snugly.

It seems to stand very vertically

The “picture frame” orientation of the stand seems to hold the iPad pretty close to the vertical (although not as bad as the crummy perspective in my photo suggests) – time will tell I suppose, but I was a little worried by it.

My only real concern With the cover is what to do with it when you’re using the iPad… The packaging shows that you can attach it to the rear of the device…. Which you can… Sort of the only problem is that this activates the device’s “wake on cover removed” feature, which is clearly magnetic, not light related as I’d first thought. I don’t know at this point if this is a problem fir the Apple smart cover too, if not, then it’s the only advantage the smart cover has over this, otherwise lovely piece of kit.


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