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New Box of Tricks (only 9 months later!)

Well, I did say it was a waiting game(!) I’m actually quite excited by all this, even though I can’t actually do anything with them until I get replacement BMS’s and chargers for the ones I blew up last year. (And build the shed). In the Meantime, they’re going into my box of stuff marked […]

Battery Box

Built myself a new battery box to take the two batteries… The battery box completed – I modeled it on the atomic bombs shown in just about every hollywood blockbuster since 1982(!)

72v ebike shopping list

OK, so I have stuff coming in thick and fast – but it seems as soon as I think of something, then there’s something else I need which is crucial to this 72v build… SO, as part aide-memoire, part a starting point for anybody else looking to put together a 72v ebike from scratch here’s […]

OK – after a nutso week or so working flat out on two projects, catching a nasty cold and developing a rather worrying pain in my jaw, I have some new stuff to bolt onto my bike! Got me a new battery – which arrived suprisingly quickly, surprisingly cheaply and looks surprisingly good – I […]


Waiting… waiting… Waiting for a battery from China, for torque arms from Amped Bikes for the Cycle Analyst guys in Canada to get in touch, for a controller from America and for the electronics Gods at endless sphere to suggest what I might have done to my current battery… I’ve got a parcel waiting for […]

Naked Pictures!

Totally shameless traffic grabbing title, but I forgot how good Frankenbike looks without all the electrickery hanging off it… Came back from the bike shop freshly fettled and ready for 72v power…   New rear wheel to take the £25 shimano deore hydraulic disc – new rack (coz Dave managed to spanner the other one while […]

Controller Up Chute

I dunno what I’ve done to the poor thing – but it’s totally banjaxxed – 36v in 1v out 🙁