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Here I am in Coast cycles – it’s boss.

Well worth the wait

The first thing I did when I knew I was getting an iPad was order the Miniot cover for it. I’d seen photos and knew that clever though the smart cover was, it lacked the sheer class of this thing… However, it seems I wasn’t alone, and the sheer level of orders swamped the small […]

Here we go

Hot off the presses it’s the 2011 apprentice candidates group shot. The rules are different this year, supposedly meaning that more genuine business types are in the mix, rather than the vapid gawps which have filled the show more recently… Which makes predicting it a bit more interesting… My first thoughts are listed on the […]

How the funky have fallen

I’ve pretty much always been a tech magpie. I was explaining to my son’s girlfriend who was aghast at how much apple detritus there is in our house (it’s actually pretty appalling) that I get an almost physical ache when something new exists and I don’t have one. Nowadays that ache is almost totally fixated […]


This started as a tweet, but I ran out of characters. It’s a blog post now. I’m writing it in bed on my phone, whilst reading Jonathan Franzen’s “the Corrections” and listening to Bruce Springsteen’s “darkness on the edge of town”. Nothing particularly unusual about any of that except that when I went to bed […]

Apprentice Week 2 “Beach Product”

I couldn’t help redesigning the “book eezee” or whatever the hell it was Joanna was so keen on in my head as it was presented – why on earth didn’t they use tent poles? or a three legged aluminium tripod joined at the top with a simple key-ring type split ring and with fabric panels […]

Apprentice week 1: Bangers

Well, what a bunch of tw*ts we have to rail against for the next 12 weeks! – You’ve got to admire the wannabe apprentices – it take some balls to stick such obvious character flaws out there for the world to mock. Top tw*t this week was the deservedly fired Dan – a shouty, sweaty, […]

The Apprentice starts next Wednesday

In the great tradition of apprentice launches (well, the past 3 years anyway) I eagerly downloaded the press photo of the apprentices posed in all their glory. I play a little game with myself where I try to guess the personalities before watching – my thoughts on this years’ crop are available here Have you […]

Frankenbike rides again!

just got back from my first ride on the bike in almost 2 years! I’ve been rebuilding the bike over the last couple of weeks – I had to do away with the “Atomic Bomb” battery box as it was just too snug a fit for all the additional wiring (plus, the new infineon controller […]